Resetting Epson Password

Resetting Epson Password

Epson is the best printer having oustanding feature wireless to portable allowing you to print at higher volumes with lower cost. It is designed for the superiority and perfection. The Epson group is led by Japanese company and rapidly spreading across the worldwide. However keeping concern for its user Epson group provides each and every facility for the convenience of the users like as resetting the password etc.

There can be two case either you forgotten your password or you want to change it for the security purpose, so without a proper guide little task seems to be very lengthy and complicated,So here our Epson support Experts discussed about it, simply by following these step you can accomplish this task.

Reset known password

  • Make sure your device must be powered on to access Epson net configuration before turning on the printer and network interface device.
  • To print a status sheet containing the device network information, press and hold the “Red status” which is situated on back of the network interface device;
  • Device network information gives you IP address, put it on the web browser and click “Enter”;
  • Now from optional menu-configuration select “password”;
  • Put your old password there, it will ask for new, put a new password and click ok.
  • Reset forgotten password

    • Press and hold “Red status” sheet until the green light flashes and turn; this will reset your device.
    • In order to get network information and IP address press and hold the “status sheet”;
    • Type your IP address in your browser and press “Enter”;
    • Select the “password ” from optional menu;
    • Now you don’t have to enter old password leave the old password field blank, and put the new password there, do it again and then “Apply”
    • This procedure crops up rather easy and simple, but some time it becomes sophisticated when your printer faces with some other unknown issue, so in that case you can take assistance from our experts via toll-free Epson Printer Support Number Ireland +353-766803285. Our experts not only help you in same problem but also provide you a complete and detailed solution in some other similar cases.